creative engineer by day, filmmaker by night

“With his directorial music video background, Mahesh Madhav honed in on perfecting his sound design mix, tackling the editing process himself. With the encouragement of another film director, Madhav finally submitted the film for a Best Sound Design & Editing nomination. And won.”

REview from rome’s PRISMA FILM awards

“The result is a very interesting and entertaining short film about the life and work of an innovative artists that becomes an innovative films due to the rarity of its content and to the depth of its protagonist. We really enjoyed this window in the life of somebody that has still the courage to experiment new ways of doing art, like Picasso did his whole life. “



“Because underneath documenting a physical process of sculptural manifestation, we have documented the ethos and mental process of ideation, discovery, and presentation -- capturing what all content creators struggle with in their work. The story in our video is as much my story as it is Neal’s. It is natural then, that Neal and I have similar philosophies in our creative flow.“

a designer makes concrete his canvas

“After spending most of his professional life running his own tile-and-stone installation business (while making furniture for friends, family and private commissions in his spare time), he took a chance. ‘I decided that I just couldn’t not do design work,’ he explains. ‘I had to follow the dream and see what happened.’”



folding concrete cloth

“Flexible concrete cloth has made possible the swooping shapes of this console designed by Portland-based Neal Aronowitz. The pliable cloth can be moulded into any shape, before it is wet so it sets and hardens as a thin layer that is resistant to wear, water and fire. In essence, it is concrete cloth on a roll.” 

review from short close-up Magazine

“A thorough knowledge and a sharpened skillset are absolutely necessary for a designer to succeed in this field. Some, like artistic ability, may be inherent or learned through experience or cultivated while in school. You’ll discover Neal’s passion and devotion while he works and explains each step of the very heavy but intense process of handling a ‘big snake’ of concrete.“ 

world interior design AWARDS

“The idea behind the Whorl Console was to make a handcrafted piece that has presence as both sculpture and as functional furniture. The materials unique structural properties inspired the expression of a lyrical and fluid form that seemingly defies gravity, in contrast to the dense and heavy associations that we have with concrete.“